The Story of Allevia

Have you heard of sublingual allergy drops? Applying allergy drops under the tongue has been the standard treatment in Europe for years, while the United States has largely defaulted to allergy injections — until now. Thanks to its safety, convenience and pain-free nature, drops are increasingly becoming the go-to for allergy sufferers — and at Allevia Allergy Center, we’ve perfected both the formula and experience.

After decades of helping thousands of allergy patients find lasting relief, the doctors behind Allevia Allergy Drops have found a better way. Rather than be cumbersome, we can be efficient. Rather than require frequent trips to our office, your treatment can come to you.

Now, with Allevia Allergy Drops from Allevia Allergy Center, you can expect:

  • First visit
    • Examination, testing results and treatment recommendations, all in the same day
  • One week later
    • A treatment formula tailored to your specific sensitivities and exposures, made possible by our proprietary computer analysis system
  • Ongoing
    • Convenient, easy-to-apply allergy drops shipped to your home
    • One annual doctor’s visit, rather than once a week
    • NO painful needle sticks

The Allevia approach is designed to put you first, eliminating the tiresome barriers that can prevent you from getting the treatment you need to live a better, healthier life.

What we do

At Allevia Allergy Center, we believe
allergy sufferers have suffered enough
— so we found a better way.

Who we are

Allevia Allergy Center is a division of
Texas Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists.