What Are People Saying About Allevia

Woman breathing deep in spring or summer with a yellow backgroundAt the Allevia Allergy Center our goal is to improve the lives of allergy sufferers.  We believe in our ability to do that but the proof is in the results our patients share with us.  Below are some testimonials from real patients that want to share their stories with the world.  If you are one of the people out there who are suffering from allergies… Relief Is Within Reach.  Call us today: (713) 609-1111.

Christi B-

I went to Allevia Allergy Center a few months ago and got tested for my allergies. I have always suffered and it was to a point where it was interfering with work. I mean, I talk for a living and every time my allergies would flare I would lose my voice. That doesn’t work. I started my Allevia Allergy drops and I was skeptical but I thought why not. I had my first allergy attack this weekend and I was miserable, but then it was gone. It was very short lived and while my nose is still a little stuffy I’m not miserable. I have a voice. They said it would take about a year to make the symptoms improve completely but 4 months later and it is like this! HOLY MOLY!

Matt W-

After suffering through years of Houston allergy seasons, I decided that I needed to do something about it. My experience with Allevia has been terrific. Allergy testing was easy to schedule. The convenience and ease of the drops made it an easy decision. The process is seamless and the staff has been great.

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At Allevia Allergy Center, we believe
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